Lina Sergie Attar ​​is founder and CEO of Karam Foundation. She is a Syrian-American architect and writer from Aleppo. She was named one of GOOD magazine’s ​2016 GOOD 100​ for Karam’s innovative work with Syrian refugees. Her articles and essays have been published in the ​NYT​, Chicago Tribune, ​Foreign Policy​, Politico, ​The Atlantic​, and BBC. She has appeared on CNN, NBC News, BBC News, Huffington Post, NPR and other media outlets. Lina has spoken about the Syrian humanitarian crisis at schools, universities, and institutions including Harvard, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Rhode Island School of Design, The New School, Phillips Exeter Academy, King’s Academy in Jordan, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, New America, the Aspen Institute, among others. Sergie Attar is a co-founder of ​the How Many More?​ project, serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of ​The Syria Campaign​, ​and is a non-resident fellow at New America.

The Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a better future for Syria. They develop Innovative Education programs for Syrian refugee youth, distribute Smart Aid to Syrian families, and fund Sustainable Development projects initiated by Syrians for Syrians. Their aim is to address the barriers and obstacles that Syrian refugees face to accessing education and employment opportunities, and do this by providing access to tools and resources empowering them to realize their own potential. They recently announced an initiative to build 10,000 Leaders for the Future of Syria by 2028. A Karam leader is every Syrian who they empower to build a better future for themselves and their communities. The Karam Foundation builds leaders by providing innovative education programs, access to higher education, and training for competitive job skills and careers. Future leaders compound their impact by influencing, inspiring, and mentoring more leaders.

See Lina’s TEDx talk ​here​.