The Global Education Benchmark Group  welcomes proposals for presentation at the 2018 GEBG Global Educators Conference at Hathaway Brown School, Cleveland, Ohio April 26th-28th.

The Global Educators Conference is open to anyone interested in global education, and will address critical issues in the field with an emphasis on global curriculum development, off-campus program risk management, global competency skills and assessments, institutional leadership and more.

Ideal proposals will demonstrate innovative pedagogical approaches, offer well-defined academic, experiential, service-learning objectives or institutional best practices, highlight assessment tools and/or use of technology, include practical takeaways and articulate how the audience will be engaged.

Requirements: In lieu of the $450/$550 registration fee, the primary presenter will pay a reduced fee of $150. Any co-presenters will be required to pay the full conference registration fee. Any non-school entities submitting a proposal must have a co-presenter from an education institution. We prefer no more than 2 presenters per presentation.

Sessions: Each session will last 60 minutes. Please allow for at least 15 minutes of questions. Audio/visual equipment will be provided for each session. Presenters will be responsible for their own laptops and associated hardware.

Application Information: Proposals will be accepted as of September 15, 2017. The deadline is November 1, 2017. Applicants will be notified by December 1, 2017.

We are seeking proposals on the topics of:

    • Global Curriculum and Content: What are your best lessons for emerging global topics? Show us how you handle content, format, perspectives on complicated topics.
    • Travel Program Development: What are innovative models of global travel programming? Where do we see the need for further travel program innovation and development?
    • International Students: How do schools make the most of their diverse cultural student make-up? How best do we support and integrate our international students?
    • Global Education Professional Development: What is the right balance of content, perspectives, formats, experiences and skills for our faculty professional development programs? How do we ensure our faculty are able to both guide and model global citizenship development?
    • Developing Global Citizenship: What are good models, frameworks, and assessments for developing global citizenship?
    • Risk Management: How do we ensure our risk management practices promote safe and responsible off-campus programs, rather than prevent them?
    • Technology: How does technology enable, support and enrich integrated global education programming?
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Global Education programming: How do we ensure our programs are accessible, safe and relevant for all of our participants, regardless of socioeconomic, sexual, and cultural backgrounds?

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Presentation Information

Be sure to include: 1. How your presentation aligns with the GEBG’s mission, vision and values 2. Best practices institutional or programmatic that will be highlighted 3. Assessment tools or other data 4. Examples of innovation in curriculum, technology, or other resources 5. Plan for audience engagement
In your description please include: 1. Resources that can be applied after the conference 2. Strategies and practices that have immediate application on other campuses 3. Discussion of financial considerations with emphasis on any low cost alternatives. If your presentation is selected any linkable/printable resources will be shared on a password protected site for conference attendees.
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