The Global Education Benchmark Group  welcomes proposals for presentation at the 2018 GEBG Global Educators Conference at Hathaway Brown School, Cleveland, Ohio, April 26-28, 2018.

The Global Education Benchmark Group promotes the development of global citizens in independent schools and beyond through global curriculum, experiences, and institutional support. Through global education initiatives, students develop the knowledge, skills, and empathic orientation required to understand multiple perspectives and to thrive in increasingly interconnected world systems. The GEBG Global Educators Conference will provide a wide variety of sessions to help globally minded schools move toward their institutional goals.

Requirements: In lieu of the $450/$550 registration fee, the primary presenter will pay a reduced fee of $150. Any co-presenters will be required to pay the full conference registration fee. Any non-school entities submitting a proposal must have a co-presenter from an education institution.

Sessions: Each session will last 60 minutes. Please allow for 15 minutes of questions. Audio/visual equipment will be provided for each session. Presenters will be responsible for their own laptops and associated hardware.

Application Information: Proposals will be accepted as of September 1, 2017. The deadline is November 1, 2017. Applicants will be notified by December 1, 2017. 

We are seeking proposals on the topics of:

    • Global Curriculum Development: What is the framework for the next five years?
    • Travel Program Development: Locations, funding and functions for the next decade
    • International Students: Rethinking the international student presence in our schools
    • Global Education Professional Development: What skills do we need to develop?
    • Developing Global Citizenship: How do we avoid ethnocentrism?
    • Risk Management: How should it inform our programmatic decision-making?

Thank you for your interest in submitting a presenter application.