Health, Safety, and Security Abroad for Secondary Schools: A Practical Approach

This presentation will provide an overview of the trends that are driving the evolution of health, safety, and security in secondary school study abroad. We’ll survey the essential elements of a competent strategy from the program approval process, staff training, student preparation, vetting partners and vendors, etc. to crisis management and emergency response. We’ll also present a conceptual framework for gauging where your program should be on the development continuum for each element. Against this conceptual framework, we’ll present a practical, hands-on case study of how one school designed and implemented their health, safety, security, and risk management plan. We’ll identify the challenges of implementation within the constraints of real-world budgets and workloads.

Bill Frederick, Director, Lodestone Safety International

Bill Frederick is the founder of Lodestone Safety International, a training and consulting company specializing in health, safety, and security for educational & service organizations operating abroad. Prior to this role, he served as director of safety at SFS for eight years and as an instructor/program director at Outward Bound for 16 years. He is a faculty committee member for Wilderness Medical Associates International. He holds an M.Ed. from Harvard University and a CTH from the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Brook Bodie, Upper School Dean of Students, Palmer Trinity School

Brook Bodie has been at Palmer Trinity School for 10 years. She was chair of the science department for six years and has been the Upper School dean of students since the fall of 2015. She is deeply involved in the school’s experiential travel program, both domestic and abroad. She sits on the Palmer Trinity Travel Committee, which implements the risk-management program in the Lodestone International framework.