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One goal of our application process is to model, for our members, best practices for engaging and evaluating organizations. We appreciate your interest in joining us.
This description will appear in conference materials and on the GEBG website.
This is required to receive the non-profit exhibitor rate.
Here are a few questions to address in your answer: Do you have a risk management committee that oversees/reviews risk analysis? Do you complete written risk analysis and management for all locales visited and for all program activities? How are partner organizations and staff selected? What is the vetting process? How are leaders trained in risk management practices? How is risk management communicated to participants? Are these procedures evaluated regularly?
Please also address the following in your answer: Do you have a written emergency action plan specifically designed for each country and locale visited that addresses steps to be taken in the field during initial response that is known and understood by all participants and staff. Does your emergency action plan change for each locale visited? Are these procedures evaluated regularly?

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