Some Key Questions for Risk Management Decision-Making

The GEBG is a member-based, non-profit organization that uses member-school data to share model practices in the field of global education. The following is intended not as an exhaustive list of questions; rather, these are trending questions that member schools have shared that they are considering while making their own decisions.

  1. Leverage Internal Expertise: Are you making use of a diverse and experienced set of viewpoints within the team that is discussing? For example, can you hear from voices of internal expertise in overnight travel risk management, international-student support, financial oversight, global-program management, legal counsel, medical advisory, and other key areas?
  2. Utilize External Expertise: Are you regularly monitoring and considering external advisory sources to inform your internal decision-making in a rapidly changing context?
  3. Consider Standard of Care: To what extent are you leveraging your peer-school networks to evaluate any standard of care across schools?
  4. Weigh All Related Risks: Have you considered institutional, financial, and contractual risks alongside risks to mission fulfillment, curriculum, and community? How are you communicating with all relevant stakeholders?
    • If cancelling a travel program, have you developed mitigation strategies and communications to support students and families and to ensure appropriate dialogue within your community?
    • If proceeding with a travel program, have you ensured that families of travelers and faculty leaders have been updated with current risk information and understand your risk-mitigation strategies? Have you considered how to document this updated informed consent in a rapidly changing landscape?
  5. Maintain a Standard of Practice: Are you following your schoolwide risk-management and crisis-response protocols? Are you communicating and documenting often and throughout?
  6. Commit to Iteration: How frequently are you revisiting all of the above questions, and have you identified key thresholds and deadlines?

Key Resources Used by GEBG Member Schools