This Global Bookshelf invites its teacher- readers to read globally. The anticipated audience is the classroom teacher hoping to include works that will broaden the students’ understanding of the world and the teacher-tour leader who is searching for the ‘essential read’ that gets to the heart of country to be explored.  As this reference site develops, it may even help a school develop summer reading lists. Reviews and curriculum resources are available to member schools in the wiki.

Book selection will follow a handful of benchmarks. First of all, the selections will be contemporary. Most parts of the world have been documented with landmark texts. And so it is obvious that reading a text like Don Quixote, although a classic of 15th century Spanish literature, will not serve the student who is traveling there this school year.

Next, the selections will be made with the high school reader in mind.  If there is too much violence, despair or ‘adult behavior,’ the text will not feature here.

And most importantly, the selected texts will have a positive view of the target area.  One premise of GEBG is that the world is an exciting place, and that although divided by time and space, the human race is actually deeply united by its time on earth rather than hopelessly divided by its problems. The discovery of how the world faces its common problems is discovery at the highest levels.

Some books highlighted in the Global Bookshelf include: