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Membership Criteria

GEBG membership is open to schools that meet at least 4 out of 6 of the following global education program requirements and are tax exempt under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) or as approved by the Board of Directors:

  • express a commitment to global education or global citizenship in their mission statement;
  • require students to take a global education course, such as world history, comparative politics, world geography, global studies or global issues, in secondary school (middle and/or high school);
  • require students to develop proficiency in a new language;
  • have a titled position designated for global education or a portion of a job description and time designated for global education;
  • can demonstrate that at least 10 percent of their secondary (middle and/or high school) school students travel abroad for purposes of language study, cultural study, community service or service learning; and
  • offer at least four school-sponsored travel abroad programs annually.

To maintain membership each year schools will also need to

  • submit data and complete a survey on an annual basis;
  • submit annual member dues (billed annually in September);
  • actively participate in the work of the organization by submitting data, attending conferences, regional meetings/events, trainings or other GEBG events and engaging substantially through member resources.

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To become a GEBG member please complete the form below. After your application is reviewed and accepted you will be invoiced for the membership fee of $550. To expedite your application feel free to pay the membership fee below after submitting your application.

Membership Criteria

Contact Information

Each member school designates one person who will receive all GEBG communications, be placed on the member listserve and receive access to the GEBG wiki which contains hundreds of templates, forms, benchmark data and archived discussions.
This email address will be added to the GEBG google group listserve and the GEBG wiki

To expedite the membership application process feel free to pay the membership registration fee below (an additional 3% fee is applied to credit card payments). Otherwise, you are welcome to mail a check or wait to be billed after your application has been reviewed. Our mailing address is Global Education Benchmark Group, 3407 S. Jefferson Ave., Suite 71, St. Louis, MO, 63118 USA.