National Global Education Accreditation Standards


Three years ago the GEBG board established a subcommittee to create a set of standards to evaluate a school’s global education program as a way to endorse a school’s global program.  This was both relevant and necessary since the initial goal of forming the GEBG was to establish best practices with global education as well as inspire member schools to improve their own programs based on a set of standards.  Borrowing categories from the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), the subcommittee highlighted key categories for a well-functioning global program such as vision, administrative support, global curriculum, program resources, and risk-management.

In the summer of 2014, SAIS officially adopted the GEBG Global Education Standards as part of their accreditation process.  Providence Day School was chosen to be the first school to apply the GEBG standards since it was going through an SAIS accreditation in the fall of 2014.   That experience raised several questions:

(1) the content of the standards,

(2) the endorsement process including

  1. how schools can apply to be evaluated;
  2. the process of selecting GEBG evaluators;
  3. the timing and cost of an evaluation, and

(3) the possible use of the GEBG standards by other regional Association of Independent School organizations.


A subcommittee consisting of Loren Fauchier (Providence Day School), Willy Fluharty (Cape Henry Collegiate), Chris Harth (St. Andrews Episcopal School) David Lynn (Charlotte Country Day School), and John Nordquist (Chadwick School), are addressing these issues.  John Nordquist has produced a revision of the standards for the subcommittee to consider.  The subcommittee will produce a final recommendation for the GEBG Board.

Team Leader:


Loren Fauchier, Providence Day School