National Student Assessment Survey

In 2013, the GEBG began a pilot program administering the Global Competency Aptitude Assessment (GCAA) developed by Global Leadership Excellence to students at 24 of our member schools. The GCAA assessed both internal readiness (personal traits and attitudes) and external readiness (global knowledge and people skills) based on extensive research in the field of global competence. We are partnering with Global Leadership Excellence to conduct this longitudinal study looking at the effectiveness of global education on global competency. We are hoping this will be an effective way to benchmark student development and provide a means of communicating the value of global education to our constituents.

The preliminary results from the pilot group were exciting and indicated there was significant growth from freshman to senior year in external readiness. The biggest impact was in historical perspective and global awareness. Each student assessed received immediate feedback along with recommendations to building global competence. Schools and the GEBG received aggregate data. We are currently in the second year of this study.

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Team Leader:


Elsie Stapf, GEBG Director of Operations