The Global Education Benchmark Group welcomes proposals for sessions at the 2019 GEBG Summit: Global Partnerships from November 14th-16th, 2019, hosted at Gredos San Diego (GSD)’s Buitrago campus

The GEBG Summit on Global Partnerships will focus on how we can grown and improve global education at our schools through partnerships with schools, community organizations, businesses, universities, and educational travel providers.

PROPOSAL OVERVIEW: Ideal proposals will demonstrate innovative pedagogical approaches, offer well-defined academic and/or experiential models, institutional best practices, highlight assessment tools and/or use of technology, include practical takeaways and articulate how the audience will be engaged. Session blocks  are 60 minutes long with at least 10 minutes of questions or interactive time included in each session. Audio/visual equipment will be provided for each session. Presenters will be responsible for their own laptops and associated hardware.

REQUIREMENTS: Any non-school entities submitting a proposal must have a primary co-presenter from an education institution. We prefer no more than 2 presenters per presentation and typically accept no more than one presentation per school or accompanying organization. Presenters are responsible for the full cost of their attendance.

TIMELINE: The deadline for proposal submission is Monday, July 15, 2019. Applicants will be notified by August 30th, 2019.

TOPICS: We are seeking proposals on:

  • Service Partnerships: How can we build partnerships of mutual learning with communities around the world? How can we evolve service programs into these partnerships? What’s working and what are the challenges? How can we sustain these partnerships overtime?
  • Managing Incidents and Risk Abroad: What are the risks of working with partner schools or communities? What kind of partnerships help schools manage incidents when they happen on programs? What types of incidents are happening and why? How can we best prepare for and respond to incidents?
  • International Students and Exchanges: Partnering with other schools for exchange programs and admitting international students from diverse backgrounds to our schools is one way to bring global perspectives to our schools, but are we making the most of these opportunities? Can we do more to connect and engage with all students and the curriculum? How can we help international and exchange students feel more included? How can we grow these partnerships between schools?
  • Partnering to Bring Academics to Life: How can we partner with organizations, museums, universities, business, or travel providers to bring academic learning to life? What examples have worked for your school? What subjects or topics really thrive in this model? What are good models for student learning and assessment?


Presentation Information

Be sure to include: 1. How your presentation aligns with the GEBG’s mission, vision and values 2. Best practices institutional or programmatic that will be highlighted 3. Assessment tools or other data 4. Examples of innovation in curriculum, technology, or other resources 5. Plan for audience engagement
In your description please include: 1. Resources that can be applied after the conference 2. Strategies and practices that have immediate application on other campuses 3. Discussion of financial considerations with emphasis on any low cost alternatives. If your presentation is selected any linkable/printable resources will be shared on a password protected site for conference attendees.

Presenter Information

Co-Presenter Information