Summer is a time of learning, sharing, and collaboration. The summer symposia are designed to be interactive, inspiring, and practical. You will gain the tools you need to tackle the challenging work of educating informed and engaged global citizens. Attendees will form a supportive peer group to share ideas, resources, and best practices long after the symposium ends.

Summer offerings for 2020 include
+ Understanding China Today // San Francisco Bay Area, various locations // June 22-25, 2020
+ Climate Change, Conservation and Economic Development // Panama, various locations // June 22-27, 2020
+ Collaborative Faculty Scouting Program // Ghana, various locations // July 12-18, 2020 [Click here for more details]
+ Middle School Curriculum Design Workshop // Boston, MA // July 20-22, 2020
+ New Global Directors Leadership Training // Los Angeles, CA // July 27-29, 2020
+ Change-Management for Global Administrators // Los Angeles, CA // July 29-31, 2020


Anyone who reads the news knows that China is changing rapidly, as its relationship with the rest of the world, especially the U.S., Canada, and sub-saharan Africa. Many of our schools have strong connections to China through enrolling Chinese students, through curriculum in global issues, economics, world history, and Mandarin language, as well as through student travel programs to China. But how up to date is our understanding of China? In partnership with numerous organizations including Stanford University, we will provide an intensive learning experience that will utilize the strong concentration of expertise and scholarship on China currently taking place in the Bay Area to explore the current political, cultural, and economic landscape of China.

DATES: June 22-25, 2020
LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area, various locations
COST: $1,900 member schools, $2,300 non-member school attendees. Includes housing and most meals, but not flights to/from the Bay Area.
AUDIENCE: Teachers of China (history, literature, global issues, economics); international student advisors; school leaders; admissions directors
PARTNER/S: Multiple partners, including Stanford University


In this June’s Financial Times, correspondent Jude Webber writes, “At the end of last year, the Panama Canal had a problem: too much water… But in a twist of meteorological fate, amplified by climate change, within three months the opposite was true: a severe El Niño weather phenomenon struck and the canal began imposing cargo restrictions to cope with what turned into the worst drought in its 115-year history.”

Understanding the complex, interconnected nature of global systems is an inherent component of both strong science programs as well as exemplary global citizenship education. This program will engage participants in dialogue about these systems through connecting with various individuals and organizations directly engaged in these environmental, economic, and social conversations. We will use Panama–a location whose history is steeped in challenging encounters, international collaboration, and creative innovation–as a living textbook to help us consider how to teach about these topics in more meaningful and globally oriented ways.

DATES: June 22-27, 2020
LOCATION: Panama, various locations
COST: $1,900 member schools, $2100 non-member school attendees. Includes all ground costs but not international flights.
AUDIENCE: Teachers of science or global issues; sustainability coordinators
PARTNER: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute


[Full Program Itinerary Available Here]

Scouting new program locations that connect to your curriculum can be challenging without pre-existing partnerships on the ground. It can also be expensive. We have heard your requests for more support in making scouting for new programs more accessible and more fruitful. Join us and educators from member schools in Ghana to scout for future student programs with curriculum connections to history, identity, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), sustainable development. Meet potential partners and learn about current model practices in vetting and scouting for travel programs.

DATES: July 12-18, 2020
LOCATION: Ghana, various locations
COST: $1400 member schools only. Does not include include international flight.
AUDIENCE: For global administrators or faculty travel-program leaders to scout possible future travel programs for their schools.
PARTNER: Request for proposals closed.


The GEBG global curriculum workshop will focus on designing and implementing global curriculum that bring global perspectives, global issues and global competence into the classroom. Faculty and curriculum leaders arrive with their curriculum goals and spend 3 days designing with global frameworks and global perspectives at the core. Participants from any discipline and any middle school grade level will leave with new curricular units designed to further individual school goals and to bring global citizenship into the classroom. Schools have seen greater impact when sending teams of 2-4 faculty members.

DATES: July 20-22, 2020
COST: $950 member schools, $1100 non member school attendees. Housing not included.
AUDIENCE: Middle School Faculty; curriculum leaders


The GEBG leadership program for new global directors or administrative leaders will focus on leadership development as facilitators offer practical advice and insights into leveraging your institution’s resources to build a high-quality and comprehensive global program. All new global education program directors (with 1-5 years of experience in the position) who are interested in building their leadership acumen, understanding model practices in global programs, and furthering their collaborative work with internal and external school colleagues should plan to attend.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
DATES: July 27-29, 2020
COST: $950 members, $1,200 non-members, housing not included.
AUDIENCE: Global Directors in years 1-5


Global education programs are growing and/or becoming more systematic across our member schools but with these exciting developments often comes change. Whether you are looking to create new programming or reorganize existing offerings under a new system (or both), whether you are seeking to generate faculty buy-in for new curriculum outcomes or new protocols for risk management, having the tools to effectively guide your stakeholders through change can make all the difference. Join other global education leaders to plan for what’s next at your school with the right tools, mindset, and support-network to set you up for success.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
DATES: July 30-31, 2020
COST: $950 members, $1,200 non-members, housing not included.
AUDIENCE: Global Directors and administrative leaders bringing growth, systems, and/or innovation to global programs/curriculum at their schools.