GEBG supports member schools by working to match their needs around global education with the resources, training, expertise, model practices, and networks that can help them accomplish their goals.

GEBG has been providing structured Evaluations and more formal Endorsements as a tool for schools to assess their global education programs. Schools elect to engage in this process for different reasons, all of which connect to better understanding where their programs stand and where to go with them in the future. Several schools have received the GEBG Endorsement which indicates full achievement of the GEBG Global Education Standards.

Based on member requests, GEBG now offers a few custom school services to member schools. These opportunities include Custom Overnight-Travel Leader Training, which takes place at your school and works with each school’s unique programs to help faculty and staff become competent and confident travel program leaders, including in areas such as risk management. Additionally, we understand from years of experience the unique demands and challenges of leading global education initiatives at schools, so we have begun offering Leadership Coaching to support individuals who are looking to grow their capacity as effective global leaders at their schools. This coaching can be done virtually or in person, depending on your needs and interests.

We are also working with schools on Custom Consulting based on their unique institutional needs. Although we work with schools in a variety of ways on a variety of topics, two of our most common projects are strategic planning around global education and curriculum design/review for global competencies. Schools may also elect to use parts of the GEBG Global Education Standards to guide this custom consulting.

All of these offerings are designed around your needs and your schedule, so the frequency, duration, and nature of the work–including whether it takes place in person or virtually–is largely determined by the school. While the cost of these services will vary, we are committed to offering all of these opportunities to our members at well below the market rate, and all are facilitated by GEBG Leadership.

Our openings are limited and filling up fast, so let us know if you would like to learn more. Contact us at if you are interested in discussing any of these opportunities for your school.