GEBG Global Education Standards

The intent of the GEBG Global Education Standards is to provide a set of guidelines that characterize responsible global education programs and prudent professional practice for member schools. A detailed version of the standards are available to member schools, or through the Annotated Guide to Global Education.

Organizations may use the standards to self-assess and improve their programs, design continuing education and professional development opportunities, and communicate with stakeholders as to the principles by which they operate. Schools may wish to apply for GEBG Global Education Standards Endorsement, or they may want to engage in a GEBG Evaluation.

The Standards are written and maintained by a committee of the GEBG Board of Trustees. All Standards should be viewed through the lens of how the school supports an inclusive learning environment and provides equity of access to global learning for all students.

GEBG Global Education Standards

Section 1:


Section 2:


Section 3:

TEACHING AND LEARNING (Curricular & Co-curricular)

Section 4:


Section 5:


Section 6:


GEBG Endorsement or Evaluation

The GEBG Global Education Standards Endorsement is an independent process that seeks to recognize schools with significant global education programs. The GEBG Endorsement is granted to schools found to be in compliance with all applicable standards. The final Endorsement Report also provides suggestions and recommendations.

The GEBG Global Education Evaluation is a consultation process by which a school’s global program is evaluated, including recommendations and commendations, without going through the official Endorsement process. It is an evaluation by a global education consultant to help a school to assess their global program, identify areas of strength, and recognize areas of needed growth.

GEBG Endorsed Schools

  • + Appleby College (Ontario, Canada)
  • + Chinese American International School (California, USA)
  • + Collegiate School (Virginia, USA)
  • + Epiphany School of Global Studies (North Carolina, USA)
  • + The Harker School (California, USA)
  • + Miami Country Day School (Miami, USA)
  • + Pace Academy (Georgia, USA)
  • + Providence Day School (North Carolina, USA)
  • + St. Mark’s School (Massachusetts, USA)
  • + Woodward Academy (Georgia, USA)

“Experiencing the GEBG Endorsement process at The Harker School was one of the best professional development experiences I’ve had. By taking a deep dive into our program, I was able to assess, analyze, update, and enhance every aspect of the program. By the conclusion of the process, I had learned so much! I knew what our strengths were and in which areas I wanted us to grow. The process not only reinvigorated my passion for global education, but gave us a deeper appreciation for the benefits of our global education department.”

— Jennifer Walrod, Director of Global Education, The Harker School

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