Global Writers Initiative

Stories, books, and literature can provide students a meaningful way into another culture or way of life, and help them understand perspectives and cultural contexts vastly different from their own. Writers, both established and emerging, can help both provide additional access points for students into the texts as well as connect students with writing and reading for global understanding.

The Global Writers Initiative at GEBG has significantly influenced educator exposure to writers with global perspectives, experiences, or identities. This has led to an increase in the number of global books taught and the number of schools inviting these authors as visitors to campus. This initiative supports the writers, the educators, and the students.

Student Publishing Opportunity: Bilingual Children’s Books

GEBG has partnered with Creo en Ti Media, a publishing company created and run by educators as a “student-centered, bilingual literacy project designed to promote early childhood literacy.” With the goal of increasing the number of bilingual children’s books while supporting high school language students, Creo en Ti publishes bilingual children’s books written by high school students and makes them available to young language learners and educators.

Through this partnership, Creo en Ti will professionally publish several bilingual books– in English and Spanish or French–written and illustrated by students at GEBG Member Schools.

This is a great global education opportunity for French and Spanish language teachers, as well as art teachers, and their students. Schools may submit up to three draft manuscripts with sample illustrations, and students selected by the publishers will begin a process of professional editing and mentorship that culminates in publication of their work, for which they earn future royalties and retain intellectual property.

Global directors–or the designated GEBG Point of Contact at the school–will be responsible for selecting the student works to be submitted for consideration. Schools may submit up to six drafts for consideration–up to three in Spanish and French, each. Authors might be second-language students and/or heritage speakers with a proficiency comparable to a level-three student or higher. We ask that students be in Grades 9-11 such that they can complete the yearlong process.

It is recommended–but not required–that submissions include partial illustrations or a sample of work from a potential illustrator. The illustrator could be the author or a partner at any grade level. Please note that drafts are not necessarily accepted in full, and editing may require significant revisions as well as new collaborations.

Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis between September and April. Selected students participate as a cohort in the editing and publishing process, resulting in publishing as soon as the following Spring. We look forward to future opportunities to publish in other world languages like Mandarin Chinese.

Application opens in September 2024, rolling selections until April 2025

GEBG is excited to announce that our annual awards, formerly known as the Global Expression and Thought (GET) prizes, will be named in honor of Dr. Manjula Salomon and Stuart Salomon. The Salomons are two of the most significant contributors to the GEBG community over the past ten plus years. Manjula was involved in the incorporation of GEBG as non-profit and served for three terms as founding board member, and served as an assistant head of school at multiple GEBG member schools leading their school-wide efforts in global education. Stuart drew on his background as a member of multiple English faculties around the world to help GEBG establish the Global Writers Initiative which has allowed us to organize summits, facilitate professional learning communities, create bilingual student publishing opportunities, and host writers as speakers – connecting writers with global identities, perspectives, and expertise to educators and students at GEBG member schools and districts. Manjula and Stuart spent their long careers working with students and teachers from Tehran to Jakarta to GEBG member schools Deerfield (MA), Hotchkiss (CT), and Palmer Trinity (FL). The GEBG annual prizes are named the Salomon Prizes in recognition of their dedication and essential support of the GEBG mission.

The Salomon Prizes recognize both students and faculty for their learning and growth in the field of global education. Honorees are students from member schools who effectively use writing or other media to illustrate/reflect their intercultural and global growth through classroom study, travel programs, or other school experiences; Faculty curriculum honorees have designed purposeful, exemplary curricula that target global competencies and facilitate student development as globally minded citizens; and the Global Educator of the Year honoree demonstrates both innovation in global education at their school as well as contribution to the field of global education at large.

In the 2023-24 School Year, five Salomon Prizes, each in the amount of $350 will be awarded to students and faculty. A committee consisting of community volunteers, GEBG Board Members, and staff select Salomon Prize recipients and Honorable Mentions.

Salomon Prize for
Student Expression and Thought on Global Issues

Middle School Level (grades 5-8)
High School Level (grades 9-12)

Entries are original student work that uses writing or other media to illustrate/reflect their intercultural growth or engagement with global issues through classroom study, travel programs, or other school experiences

Salomon Prize for
Faculty Curriculum Design

Primary Level (grades 1-4)
A global classroom activity: this can be a single lesson, a week-long activity, or an interdisciplinary initiative that targets global content and/or competencies. 
Middle and High School (grades 5-12)
The lesson, assignment, or unit of study should clearly target one or more global competencies, as articulated/defined by the assignment, department, and/or school.

New in 2024!

Salomon Prize for
GEBG Global Educator of the Year

Global Educator of the Year honoree demonstrates both innovation in global education at their school as well as contribution to the field of global education at large.
Individuals can nominate a global educator for this honor by submitting a name, title, and member school along with a brief rationale for the nomination. Self nominations are permitted.

Salomon Prize Guidelines


Middle and High School student entries must be independently developed with minimum guidance from others. We kindly ask that the student’s Salomon Prize entry is entirely their/her/his work. The word limit is a maximum of 750 words. Each school is allowed 2 entries per division.


Primary School curriculum entries should include a written narrative of the classroom activity, along with optional photos and some examples of student work.

Middle and High School curriculum entries should include the following components:
+ Identification of the goals/objectives of the lesson/experience, including student outcomes
+ Articulation of the lesson/experience itself
+ Explanation of the methods of instruction/learning (including any key resources)
+ Documentation of evaluated student work—three examples demonstrating the range of the class


The judging will be done by a panel of global educators not connected with member schools submitting entries. Final selections are announced in the spring. School global coordinators will receive email notification and should then communicate the information with the student or faculty member.


Salomon Prize Entries must be submitted by a school’s global education coordinator on behalf of the student or educator. The global education coordinator is expected to review each faculty and student entry for quality, originality, and connections with global themes. Submissions include an entry form and submission of work. 

Submissions for the 2025 Salomon Prizes will open in late fall 2024.