Research Opportunities

GEBG has a strong commitment to both furthering research in the field of K-12 global education and to develop research skills amongst our network of global education practitioners, leading the work at their schools. GEBG works to support emerging and practitioner research in the field, and curates relevant findings to improve student learning and empower global educators.

Action Research Fellows Program

GEBG has a strong commitment both to furthering research in the field of K-12 global education and to building leadership capacity amongst our network of global education practitioners.

In September 2021, GEBG launched a professionally facilitated fellowship open to educators at GEBG member schools. This year-long fellowship allowed GEBG Action Research Fellows to learn about action research and execute a research project to improve global education practice at their schools, while learning from and with a cohort of peers.

GEBG is currently accepting applications for the cohort of 2022-2023 GEBG Action Research Fellows. This leadership fellowship empowers GEBG Action Research Fellows to use action research to explore and design new initiatives in one of two topic areas:

Topic for Fellows in Cohort 1:

Assessing Student Global Competence Development

Topic for Fellows in Cohort 2:

Faculty Professional Learning for Global Competence Development

Benefits for Fellows include

  • a deeper understanding of the topic through exploring a curated set of research and tools;
  • leadership skill development through using action research to explore a complex challenge;
  • structures to support Designing and implementing a new or pilot program in the topic area;
  • the opportunity to present and/or publish insights on the topic
  • individual feedback and support from the facilitator and ongoing community from a small cohort of peers.

Commitment from Fellows:

Each cohort of fellows will meet virtually for 90 minutes once a month for the school year, at a regular time to be agreed upon by cohort participants. Most meetings will be as a group, but participants may additionally meet individually with the facilitator some months.

A brief application to become a GEBG Action Research Fellow is due before September 8, 2022. The cost of participation in this professional growth and leadership program, including mentorship in the launch of a customized new or pilot school initiative in the topic area, is $895 for the whole year. As a non-profit, GEBG offers this kind of opportunity to member schools at well below cost.


Both facilitators are trained researchers with research specialties in global and intercultural competence development. Aric Visser is currently the Executive Director of the Baserria Institute for Language and Culture in Madrid, Spain and was previously the Head of Schools for School Year Abroad. Aric has a doctorate degree from the University of Zaragoza in Spain focused on intercultural development. Clare Sisisky is currently the Executive Director of GEBG and has a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania where her research focused on student global competence development.

Applications due September 8

2021-22 Fellows and Topics

Throughout the school year 2021-2022, the first cohort of GEBG Action Research Fellows designed and implemented a wide range of research projects at their schools. We would like to congratulate the following Fellows who worked on their research throughout the last school year and we are pleased to share their research topics. Many of them were able to share their research findings with their own school communities during the back-to-school season, and have plans for continuing to use action research as a tool for furthering global education at their schools.

Submit an application heredue September 8!

Amani Abu Shakra

High School Language Teacher and Senior Project Coordinator, Buckingham Browne and Nichols School (MA)

Determining if intercultural dialogue in English with native Arabic speakers in the language classroom impacts intrinsic motivation for Arabic language learning


Natalia Aycart

Director of Global Learning and Engagement, Bolles School (FL)

Investigating faculty understanding of global competence and key concepts across a large multi-campus school


Sasha Bergmann

Ceramics Teacher, Buckingham Browne and Nichols School (MA)

Using thinking routines to assess student global learning outcomes in a 7th grade arts-based virtual exchange with a partner school in Tanzania


Kate Boyd

Performing Arts Faculty, Lick Wilmerding High School (CA)

Evaluating the short and long term impact of a student travel program in Senegal 


Kassandra Brenot

Director of Global Education, Santa Catalina School (CA)

Examining school stakeholder understandings of global education.


Betsy Canaday

English Teacher; Interdisciplinary Project Coordinator, Buckingham Browne and Nichols School (MA)

Implementing and assessing an interdisciplinary middle school collaboration using school global competencies


Julie Farrell

Global Learning Coordinator, Chinese American International School (CA)

Identifying and assessing intercultural learning outcomes for students in language and cultural immersion programs 


Ingrid Herskind

Global Studies Coordinator, Flintridge Prep School (CA)

Evaluating design-thinking as a pedagogical tool for student global competence development

Marley Matlack

Director of the Alvord Center for Global and Environmental Studies, Loomis Chaffee School (CT)

Examining effectiveness and impact of using classroom exit-tickets as a formative assessment tool for global competencies


Justine O’Connell

Director of Global Programs, Mercersburg Academy (PA)

Generating of school-wide shared language related to global education for the creation of competencies 


Ana Romero

Head of Sustainability and Global Education Coordinator, Wellington College (UK)

Assessing student global competence development through a limited but immersive virtual exchange program


Dawn Ronfeld

Director of Global Experiences

Lesley Buckmaster

Manager of Global Experiential Operations, Appleby College (ON)

Designing and implementing a global competence assessment for use across the school’s global experiential programs


Jonathan Sirois

Director of Global Education, Tabor Academy (MA)

Designing assessment tools and data collection with alumni around long-term empathy development through a specific global education program


Adriana Truby

Academic Dean, Palmer Trinity School (FL)

Measuring the effectiveness of a virtual exchange program between students in the U.S. and Denmark focused on literature 


Chris Yarwich

Global Studies Department Chair, Holy Innocents Episcopal School (GA)

Investigating the development of global competencies for use in the global studies classroom 


Beth Yavenditti

Director of Global Education; Leadership Studies Department Chair, St Luke’s School (CT)

Determining if and how students develop perspective-taking in a global ethics and leadership course

Benchmark Data and Analysis Reports

GEBG frequently publishes data reports on topics relevant to global education at GEBG member schools. Member schools have access to these reports in the GEBG Resource Library as well as through the GEBG Listserv which distributes them. Benchmark data from both GEBG and partner organizations is also included in our annual magazine Interconnected every year.


Every year, GEBG publishes new research in the field of global education as well as research reviews by educators in our annual magazine Interconnected.