Our Vision

The Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG) is a leading non-profit association of K-12 schools that researches and establishes model practices in the field of global education and supports member schools to bring global perspectives, global issues and  global competencies into their teaching and learning to empower their students as global citizens.

We see Global Education as an education that equips students with the competencies and the tenacity to thrive in a culturally diverse and interconnected world. Global Citizenship engages both faculty and students in meaningful action toward justice locally, nationally and internationally. As a community, we are committed to education that pursues a more just and equitable world today and tomorrow.

Our Mission to Identify

To identify specific practices in global education by collecting, analyzing, and sharing data from GEBG members.

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Our Mission to Promote

To promote the development of global citizens in independent schools and beyond through global curriculum, experiences, and institutional support.

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Global Education develops the knowledge, skills, and empathic orientation required to understand multiple perspectives and to thrive in increasingly interconnected world systems.

Global Competencies are the particular knowledge, skills, dispositions, and behaviors that students learn through intentional global education.

A global citizen acts to promote the common good locally, nationally, and internationally.

Benchmarking at the GEBG helps schools to make informed decisions and improve their educational programs based on shared practices in the field. GEBG benchmarking is generated by regularly gathering and sharing member school data in an accessible way to empower member schools in this decision making and to provide tools for self-assessment among peer institutions to support continuous improvement of global education in a changing world.

Our History and Commitment

In mission, vision, and practice, the GEBG amplifies the diverse voices and perspectives of our global educator community; is committed to inclusive and equitable policies and practices from the content of our programming to our systems and structures; and provides our membership the tools to understand and embrace the anti-racist imperative of global education.

GEBG began in 2008 as a group of sixteen independent schools with a strong commitment to global education that gathered together regularly to share models, benchmark data, and ideas. As interest in joining the group grew each year, GEBG transformed in 2013 into a registered non-profit organization in the United States. GEBG now serves well over 300 member schools of all kinds (public, charter, parochial, independent etc.) from over 20 different countries, offering a wide range of member benefits focused on institutional support and professional learning.