The GEBG is lead by a Board of Directors elected to provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. The Board is responsible for the supervision, control and direction of the GEBG. While day-to-day operations are led by the Executive Director (ED) and staff, the vision laid out by the Board of Directors is executed by formal committees and less formal working groups. Additionally, Regional Groups offer member schools the opportunity to engage with other member schools and the work of the GEBG according to location.


GEBG Committees are chaired by a board member and are formed according to the organization’s bylaws. Committee members communicate on an ongoing basis via email and in virtual meetings to discuss and conduct the work of the committee. The standing committees include:

  • Executive Committee
  • Board Development Committee
  • Annual Conference Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Endorsement Committee


In some cases, committees have subcommittees that are formed to address a specific need for the committee. Currently, the only committee with subcommittees is the Annual Conference Committee. The subcommittees in this group include:

  • Presenters subcommittee

Working Groups

Working groups are formed by the Board of Directors and are chaired by a board member to address a specific task or need of the organization. These groups conduct research, carry out specific projects identified by committees or the Board of Directors. Current working groups include:

  • Curriculum and Collaboration Working Group
    • Assessments
    • GET Prize
  • GEBG Database Working Group (formerly the Critical Incident Database)

Regional Groups

Regional groups provide opportunities for member schools to meet outside of the annual conference to discuss, share and collaborate. Regional Groups ideally host one regional meeting (physically) and may offer other virtual meeting opportunities. Regional groups may wish to share resources, offer professional development opportunities, or student collaborative projects.

Contact us for more information about GEBG leadership or if you are interested in serving as a leader within the organization submit an interest form here.

Board of Directors


Executive Director
Joe Vogel, Hathaway Brown School
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Assistant Director
Clare Sisisky, Collegiate School
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Saya McKenna, Head-Royce School
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Wally Swanson, Wilbraham & Monson Academy
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Director Emeritus
William G. Fluharty, Cape Henry Collegiate
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Current Board Members

Laura Appell-Warren, St. Mark’s School
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Nishad Das, Groton School
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Chad Detloff, Chadwick School
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Loren Fauchier, Providence Day School
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Mike Hanewald, The Lawrenceville School
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Tené Howard, Packer Collegiate Institute
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David Lynn, Charlotte Country Day School
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John Nordquist, Cross-Perspective Consulting
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Danny Reynolds, Palmer Trinity School
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Manjula Salomon, Palmer Trinity School
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David Thompson, Hotchkiss School
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